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7 juin 2013 5 07 /06 /juin /2013 07:33
Floating Forest
Floating Forest

Homebush Bay in Sydney, Australia is home to the remnants of a ship-breaking yard that operated during the mid 20th-century. Large watercraft that outlived their usefulness were towed to Homebush Bay and dismantled to salvage any components that could be reused or sold for scrap.

One such ship was the SS Ayrfield, a 1,140-tonne behemoth built in 1911 as a steam collier that was later used during WWII as a transport ship. In 1972 it was brought to Homebush Bay to be dismantled, but fate would decide differently. Operations at the ship-breaking yard subsequently ceased and parts of several large vessels including the Ayrfield were left behind, the largest objects in an area now infamous for decades of chemical dumping and pollution. But only this century-old transport ship would be transformed by time into a floating forest, a peculiar home for trees and other vegetation that have since sprouted over the last few decades.

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The floating forests of arboreal lycopods are an extinct ecosystem buried during the flood in the forest. It is one of the decommissioned ships in the forest.

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Flottant est une technique de déplacement simple alternance entre le gros orteil et le talon du pied pour rendre le corps flotter en douceur sur le sol. Il est normalement effectuée sur le côté.

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The boat breaking enclosure since ceased also parcels of many grand cutters including the Ayrfield were abandoned buttocks, the largest protests in an scope pronto infamous for decades of chemical dumping also contamination. Besides sole this age antique truck boat would be transformed by stretch toward a floating jungle.

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